Our site is devoted to encouraging the sharing of information about the reforestation industry, particularly within Canada. Accordingly, although we retain copyright information on all photos, graphics, videos, text, and other content on the site, we do encourage viewers to share certain information under the following guidelines:


If you would like to reproduce any of the photographs on this website, please understand the following conditions:

(1) Any photographs on this site which contain the 'Replant.ca' logo may be reproduced on your own sites or in print with no limitations or restrictions, so long as that logo is not cropped out of the photo. Essentially, by sharing the photos with our website address intact, you're helping advertise our site, so we are happy to share the photos. Incidentally, you can freely link to the original source files on our own server and let us provide the bandwidth.

(2) If you would like to use one of the photographs on this site and want to crop out the 'Replant.ca' logo from the actual photo, you may do so as long as you still have a text reference to this website as the source.

(3) If you would prefer to use one of the photos on this site without referencing the source, you may purchase the original hi-res photo by sending $10.00 ($CAD) through PayPal to jonathan.scooter.clark@gmail.com, and you may then use the photo however you want, so long as you aren't reselling it. If you choose this option, make sure that you let us know what email address you would like the original photo sent to. This fee is not intended to be for the purpose of generating a profit, rather it is to compensate me for my time in trying to dig up originals from my archives. As noted above, you may reuse photos with no cost by advertising the Replant.ca logo (and I would actually prefer that to charging you for digging up an archived original without a logo).

(4) Please note that if you want to purchase hi-res original photos, we only have photos available from 2006 onward, and it sometimes takes us up to 72 hours to find the original. To the best of my knowledge, photos were taken with the following cameras at the following resolutions, although a few photos might have snuck in from different cameras: Photos from 2006 were taken on a Fuji S7000 Finepix camera in 2848x2136 resolution. Photos from 2007 were taken on a Sony digital camera at 3264x2448 resolution. Photos from 2008 were taken on a Sony digital camera at 3264x2176 resolution. Photos from 2009 were taken on a Canon XSi digital SLR at 4272x2848 resolution.

(5) We offer site-wide licenses for very reasonable rates for commercial/corporate users - usually no more than $100 for a blanket corporate license. Many mills, licensees and even educational institutions have used a lot of our photos in training packages, corporate brochures, and other PR material. Please contact us directly for more details.

(6) If you would like more information about copyright law in Canada with respect to photography, I suggest visiting: THIS LINK


All videos presented on this website, whether as YouTube links or as AVI/MPEG downloads, are intended to be shared. I encourage you to give them to the world.


We encourage users to share text and other information found on this site. However, in all instances, the source (Replant.ca) must be referenced. Please note that not only is all of the information on this site copyrighted, whenever possible, but some of the information is also appearing in an upcoming book about the industry. Therefore, we caution you to be careful about reproducing information or content from this site without providing a source. Please contact us if you have further questions, and remember, we're generally not opposed to the content of this site being shared to a wider audience, we're just trying to protect original copyrights, especially in commercial situations.


If you have questions about any of the information presented above, please don't hesitate to contact our site administrator, Jonathan "Scooter" Clark, at jonathan.scooter.clark@gmail.com