Blacktusks going the way of the mammoth?

And that's what I'm gonna do. Wait, sorry, I got distracted. Everyone talks about boots, so they get their own special forum.
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Blacktusks going the way of the mammoth?

Post by skibum_ » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:37 pm

I tried a play on words. Didn't really work out.

So I bought a pair of blacktusks my first year planting and they held up amazingly. I am really hard on boots and these things held up. Also very waterproof and comfy with bama socks.

Last year (3rd year) I bought another pair as I had multiple holes in the rubber. The new pair have been really shitty in comparison. Combined first two years I planted 145000 trees in Ontario ground in a total of 70 planting days. My third year I planted 120000 in 38 planting days. The boots are already starting to have holes and the heal of one boot sometimes leaks water. The boots also feel like they are built flimsier too. Has Viking decreased their quality or did I just get a bum pair. Hopefully the staple boot of treeplanting gets back in shape.

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