steel toes

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steel toes

Post by garnet » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:01 am

Hi, this is my first year planting. Im going to be working for brinkman around beardsmore, ontario. Our contract requires us to have steel toed boots. From reading various posts it seems that steel toes arent really designed for planting trees but to protect the tree planting companies in case of injuries. I was just wondering whether there are any brinkman planters out there that could tell me whether the steel toed boot rule is enforced? Or does anybody know of a company that makes good hiking boots with a steel toe?

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Re: steel toes

Post by donkeyrider » Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:01 pm

I dunno man... I've never worked for brinkman. I think steel toes are important part of a planting boot (or at least have composite). Hard shit on the tip in the front of your boot is going to protect you when you work on slashy ground. It might be partially protecting the company, but there are 1000's of planters every year that stand by steel toes. Steel toe, steel shank, gator, and caulks all you need. For the most part your first couple months planting are going to be learning how to do the mechanics of planting a good tree. I think a lot of the people who argue against steel toes are vets who know when and when not fast ground boots are required. for you though its not going to be a speed thing at the beginning, its going to be all about the quality and fluid motions. I don't think boots with a steel toe will be a huge issue for you in the beginning. One issue your going to have if you haven't bought and broken your boots in yet are

And if the company is asking you to get them I would just do it. It's going to suck if you get to the block and they say you cant plant.
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