What size Vikings to get as a girl?

And that's what I'm gonna do. Wait, sorry, I got distracted. Everyone talks about boots, so they get their own special forum.
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What size Vikings to get as a girl?

Post by Spangus » Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:08 pm


I'm looking at Viking boots for this year but I'm in Montreal so I can't actually go try them on anywhere, just have to order them and hope they fit.

Do any girls have any recommendations on how to size them? I'm a women's 7, the internet said that would make me a men's 5, but I'd like to wear Bamas as well, do I go a whole size up to the 6?

Thanks in advance.

Greg M.
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Re: What size Vikings to get as a girl?

Post by Greg M. » Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:14 am

I've had former crew members that had the same sized shoes as you (7 ladies) and they wore a size 5(mens) viking. Why not try a comparable pair of rubber boots on and see how that works. .

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