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Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.

Post by replant » Wed Feb 11, 2004 8:36 pm

This thread is devoted to gossip and discussion for employees and stakeholders of Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.

This company is believed to work predominantly in British Columbia.

Their last known contact information is:

1363 Commercial Way
Penticton, BC
V2A 3H4
Phone: (250) 770-3218
FAX: 770-3208
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Website for this company

Post by Scooter » Mon Feb 16, 2004 9:05 am

This company has a website at:


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Quastuco reforestation

Post by Stiffarm » Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:01 pm

They work near Penticton anybody know any info on them, earnings etc?

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Re: Quastuco reforestation

Post by jules » Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:37 pm

Stiffarm wrote:They work near Penticton anybody know any info on them, earnings etc?
I worked for them in '09. There were two 12-packs and a six pack, working out of a motel in the strip mall-ish part of Penticton. They do work for Weyerhaeuser and Gorman Brothers, with a small summer contract for the Lower Similkameen Indian Band, though I'd expect the Weyerhaeuser work is petering off by now.

The Gorman and W-haeuser contracts run concurrently, and the blocks are often really close together, which just draws their vastly different quality specs into relief. When I was there, Gorman checkers wanted dinner-plate screefs (for $0.18), while Weyerhaeuser block across the road needed pocket screefs and people were getting away with LFH (for $0.12-$0.14). I'm pretty sure their prices are lower now, though.

I found the money pretty inconsistent. There were some ridiculously shitty days where I'd break two bills and that would be it, and then there were days where I made $300 and was home by noon. In all, I thought it'd be better than it was, but it was generally okay.
They pay on time, but keep an eye on your pay stubs. I noticed a lot of data entry errors on mine, but they always corrected them quickly.

Oh, and if you're going to be working for them, get used to a long commute. By mid-season, you'll be working up the Coquihalla, out towards Merrit. It's a two-hour drive, give or take, from the motel to the block.

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Re: Quastuco reforestation

Post by kenax » Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:40 pm

With the permission of Scooter I just copied updated information from this thread to the Treeplanter’s Database found at http://hardcoretreeplanters.com/ to make it easier to view comments by treeplanters and compare treeplanting companies against one another, in the hopes that they will treat and pay their planters better.
Check out my tree planting website http://hardcoretreeplanters.com/ where I wrote down all my tips how to plant fast and all the other tips I accumulated after 7 years of planting.

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Quastuco Silviculture Ltd.

Post by wtv » Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:17 pm

Hey, all you lovers! Let's start the loving.

- Great prices, at least for today's market....
- Possibility of living in a house (the company offers a motel, usually between 15 - 20$ a day, no food)
- The Okanagan can be very beautiful and filled with action in the summer, especially Penticton (watch out for the
- Very, VERY safe company, although one of the foreman sucked at driving...
- The planters uniquely plants and nothing else, no reefer bullshit, or other camp shit (There are no camps...)
- The last contract for the lower similkameen indian band is extremely good. It is one of the most spectacular area of BC.
Untouched scenery, 100's of wild horses (the obvious downside is the mutilated forests, but hey, we're not here to complain
about logging)
- Good people, like any other company in the industry.
- The company is organized when it comes to paying, no bullshit.
- Doesn't rain a lot

- Very, very, very, very, VERY long drives. I'm not talking about 1hr to 2hr, I'm talking about drives that exceed 2hrs.
- Foremen quality is to be discussed. (I personally think the owner was not exactly in tune with his foremen)
- Once again, this has to do with the foremen, expect to replant. Expect to replant a lot. At the end of the contract, in the
middle of a contract, 70% through a contract, fuck all the time. I had never replanted before working for this company.
(I know people say that a lot, but people said that a lot with that company, more than I had ever heard in my 5 years
- Expect to have good trees one day, and the next (when the foremen get in trouble with the forester), the same trees are to
- Your foremen might not be allowed to drive a quad.
ie. One day, we had a quad (fully functionnal) on the block, yet our
foreman was hauling trees on foot on a very long walk-in. People had to wait for trees, but since our foreman was a
machine and awesome, very minimal damage was done.
This example just shows how this potentially awesome company has some seriously bizarre behaviours.
- An unbelievable amount of half days, and obviously, with the crazy long drives your 12 - 13 hr day easily becomes a 7h day
on the block.
- Prices for a block stay the same throughout all of the block. So you better be lucky when you're getting your piece cut,
the foremen were pretty fair about that, usually.
- When the owner is gonna come and chat with you at the beginning of the season, he is probably going to say

"If you have any suggestions, or things that you think could make this company better, tell us! Quastuco is all about

Shut up, don't say anything, do like when your girlfriend ask you if she got fat, forget about it, its a trap.
(I guess a lot of the planting companies are like that, the treeplanting world being sometimes a phony ass world filled
with uneducated people that have no other life than their 4 months in the bush,this can become like a real life soap opera,
and those guys can usually transform any silly, pointless situations into a drama filled situation that goes out of control)

All in all, you will make great money, and your money goals will definitely increase with this company. If you are thorn between companies, and you have an offer to go plant with quastuco, do it. You'll have a good time. If you hate screefing, doing rocky, useless trenches that should've been left as a straight plant, long drives, penticton, and 5 days on and 2 days off, well, find another company.

Keep on loving.

Love the lobstah!

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