SOS no longer planting?

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SOS no longer planting?

Post by Scooter » Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:55 pm

I just heard a rumour that SOS will no longer be operating as a planting contractor. Can anyone confirm?

I'm kind of glad to see that some companies are closing up shop, because with the contracting industry, there isn't enough work left to keep everyone operating. However, it's a shame to see some good companies like this one (which tried to adhere to all the labour regulations) possibly folding, while other bottom-feeders are still in business. From what I've heard, SOS was a pretty good outfit.

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Re: SOS no longer planting?

Post by jdtesluk » Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:12 pm

They were among the very best. The owners really treat their workers well, very good people and great supervisors. Although I have not spoken to them since last winter, the owners told me at the beginning of last year that they were indeed expecting 2009 to be their final year. Of course, I have seen contractors have as much trouble walking away from the game as many planters do. However, with the current state of the industry I anticipate that SOS has in fact closed shop. This is very much a loss to the workers, as I have found very very few companies that care for their workers as much, and run as high of quality of an operation as SOS. They have 25 years in the industry, and were the model of stability for many years with their Adams Lake job. I share your opinion Scooter, that it sucks to see companies like this go out of business while others keep going. That being said, after 25 years in the game, Bob and Therese had seen the industry go up and down before. However, at this stage in their careers, it's hard to blame them for wanting to get started on their tans, rather than trying to grind another few years out in an environment that would have made it very hard for them to continue providing the same rewards to their workers as they had in the past. They certainly belong in the hall of fame for running such a great show for so long. If they aren't already in there, I'll be sending a memo to Scott Chisholm in the near future.

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Re: SOS no longer planting?

Post by DustyJ » Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:56 pm

I would have to agree with you guys, if SOS is no longer in business it would be a shame. I was with them for 07 and 08 as a planter/first aid super. and I had a great time, solid cash, great food and people, absolutely no complaints. Although I did hear rumors while I was there about B & T selling the company possibly to one of the foreman,.. but no one really seemed to know, that was part of the reason I moved on in 08. It's nice though to find a company where the owners treat you like an equal human being and not just a number.

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