Sand Hill Reforestation

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Sand Hill Reforestation

Post by Mike » Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:53 pm

Owner/Manager: Ray Nordeen

2010 season:
10 cent mounds, 14 cent straight plant
Food was good; chocolate milk and gatorade powder provided.
25 person camp, 4 rookies.
25 day season
Camped out of Smeaton, Sasketchewan

Basically no information anywhere. This is one of those "meet someone, get on" sorta camps apparently.
All of my company reviews and experience (The Planting Company, Windfirm, ELF, Folklore, Dynamic, Timberline, Eric Boyd, Wagner, Little Smokey, Leader, plus my lists for summer work and coastal) can be found at the start of the Folklore review due to URL and character limits.

Folklore, 2011:

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