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Wagner Reforestation

Post by Mike » Fri May 09, 2014 4:24 pm

There is currently no company thread for Wagner Reforestation.

Wagner Reforestation
1190 Swan Rd
Denman Island, BC
V0R 1T0

Phone: 250.335.1026
Cell: 250.334.7323
E-mail: swagner@wagnerreforestation.com


Wagner Reforestation: Spring 2013

I planted for Wagner for a few weeks in Spring of 2013. They started in the South Island around the last week of January, but I wasn't planting for them until February 8th. We did some drives from Victoria and some short hotel stints a little further up --- Ladysmith, Shawnigan lake (a few drove out from Vic for that).

Alain Belanger, the manager/foreman/supervisor was wonderful --- excellent to work with, professional, organized, totally awesome. I never met Scott Wagner.

There was a Brit who worked there a couple weeks before getting fired --- he had done one season with A&G and now was on the coast, and a planter who planted 1 year at Brinkman and was now on the coast as well worked there, and one planter who had just 1 year with Dynamic. Everyone else had a lot more experience, including a 60 something year old guy with 35-40+ years of planting who was super awesome (and somehow pretty fast). They had a total of ~9-11 planters; 2 trucks. The people seemed to rotate a fair bit; I think sometimes they had people on call/second string when they just needed a few more trees in, which is what they did with me. It was fine for me, so no big deal.

The work was fixed price 18 cents, but living at home was worth a fair bit. I made less there than I did on other coastal contracts. A lot of the planters were very fast and very skilled and I suspect could make slightly more to work elsewhere, but more remotely. Paying a premium to work south island is how it goes, I hear, so I guess that's what works. It was a fine place to work as a result; simple full days, living from home, long drives but sleeping in my own bed.
All of my company reviews and experience (The Planting Company, Windfirm, ELF, Folklore, Dynamic, Timberline, Eric Boyd, Wagner, Little Smokey, Leader, plus my lists for summer work and coastal) can be found at the start of the Folklore review due to URL and character limits.

Folklore, 2011: http://tinyurl.com/anl6mkd

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