Land for Sale – Timber River, New Brunswick

Last Updated:  October 18th, 2011



For sale, approximately 335 acres (135 Ha) of partially cut-over woodland.  Property is located within a half kilometre of NB Route 16, the TransCanada Highway link to Prince Edward Island, and is fifteen minutes driving time from the entrance to the Confederation Bridge.


The land is rectangular in layout, with provincially-maintained road access to the southeastern corner of the property, and built up, dirt forest road running north /south along the full length of the east boundary of the property.


Further down this page, you can see some photos of the property (taken in April of 2010), as well as overhead aerial photos, land deed descriptions, soil sample analysis, and more.  The topography of the land is such that it generally slopes very gently upward from South to North with an overall variance of no more than fifty feet in elevation. There is a high voltage transmission line right of way that cuts east/west across the middle of the property (see map). There is also a small brook which crosses from one third the way up the east boundary, flowing down stream to the southwest corner of the property (see map). Stream reachs tidal water approximately one kilometre south of property.


As of the last few months, Google Earth finally has some moderately accurate coverage of the property.  It’s still slightly old footage, which is a bit blurry, but it gives you an idea of the layout of the property.  Here is a link to the property location.  You can correlate it better once you see provincial aerial photos (below):


The latitude and longitude of the property is 46° 4'36.75"N by 64° 3'15.70"W.


The property has significant potential as a future managed forest resource (timber, pulp, Christmas trees, blueberries, etc.), as a wind farm development, or for other carbon credit projects.  The property is also moose habitat, which might be of interest to hunters or photographers.  We got a moose and a deer on the property this fall.  The approximately one-third of the property to the south of the power lines has a fair amount of regeneration since most of it was logged about 25 years ago.  It is thinner on the west side, and there is a large patch of about 15-20 acres at the south east corner which is pretty clear and which would be a good location for building a home.  The two-thirds of the property that is north of the power lines is mostly clear-cut, and although it has been partially replanted, it would also be suitable for clearing into fields and then development for farming or blueberries.


For parties interested in wind turbine development, the average wind speed at the property (at 80m) is approximately 7.01 – 7.50 m/s (equivalent to 15.7 to 16.8 mph), according to the provincial government research.  See this link for more information on wind speed mapping:


The asking price for the property is $165,000 Canadian dollars (approximately $492 per acre, or $1,217 per hectare).  If a potential purchaser is unable to come up with the full amount for immediate purchase, the seller would be willing to enter into an agreement with a minimum down payment of $90,000, and where the remainder would be financed by the seller over a period of several years.


Located in the south west corner area of the property there are several acres of an old farm site with collapsed house and shed.  This area has a couple of acres of cleared land with another couple of acres of mature trees.  The old house has a drilled well and the brook runs nearby.  This would be an ideal location to build a recreational or full time residence.  The house is definitely not habitable though.  There are no known or expected environmental problems.


If a purchaser was interested in buying only one part of the property, the seller would be willing to split the property at the power line.  The section south of the power line is arguably the “better” property, with more wood and better access, although it is only about 36% of the total area (perhaps about 120 acres, estimated).  The section to the north of the power line is larger (about 64% of the total, or estimated at about 215 acres) but is generally just brush at the present time.  The seller would be willing to sell either of these two sections for $85,000 as a piece by itself (no seller-financing available under this scenario).


For more information, contact Jonathan Clark at either or via telephone at 506-232-2409 (the country code for Canada is 01).


See the photos and graphics (below) for more information.  If all of the photos are not visible immediately, try hitting F5 or “refresh” on your browser, to bring them up.  There is also a video on YouTube which shows a small part of the property.  The link is as follows:







The “property” is actually a combined pair of properties, side by side.  In the above map, the property is the two large shaded grey rectangles on the west (left) side of the map.











One calculation to determine a more accurate size for the property.  This one comes in at about 334 acres.







Another calculation to determine a more accurate size for the property, based on a different source of land surveyor GIS data.  For some reason, this one comes in at about 335 acres.








The property, in an aerial photo taken on July 20th, 2001, by the Department of Natural Resources.  See the next photo below to better understand the property boundaries.








The property is shaded in red in this version of the photo.









The region to the southwest of the property.  This photo does not show the actual property, but does give a good aerial overview of the Village of Port Elgin and the Port Elgin traffic circle, just a couple kilometers away.








Soil test results from the NB Department of Agriculture. 









More soil test results from the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture.









A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.








A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.









A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.











A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.  Part of the property is significantly cleared, having been logged only five or six years ago, while a smaller portion has started to grow back since a separate logging which took place a couple decades ago.








A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.








A photo of the property taken in April of 2010.








A set of main higher-voltage power transmission lines run east/west through the center of the property, which could be extremely advantageous to anyone looking at potential wind turbine development.  There are also conventional residential power lines beside the southeastern corner of the property.








A photo taken from underneath the powerlines, looking east.








A photo taken from underneath the power lines, looking west.





northern half.jpg


A view of the clear-cut northern half of the property.





tree stand.jpg


One of the tree stands on the northern edge of the property.  As mentioned, this property is amazing for hunting big game (moose and deer).





old house.jpg


The old homestead in the southwest corner of the property.








Next I have a series of maps, zooming in as we go through them.  All maps were taken from Google Earth.  This is the broadest, showing the Atlantic Provinces. 







Now we’ve zoomed in to the central Maritimes.






Even closer now.







Now you can see how large this property is.  It is one of the largest parcels left in the entire region.







And finally a close-up of the property.




For more information, contact Jonathan Clark at

For telephone inquiries, call 506-232-2409 (the country code for Canada is 01).