"Step By Step" Training

Additional Planting Techniques

This page has been set up to share photos & video relating to the "Additional Planting Techniques" chapter of "Step By Step, A Tree Planter's Handbook." Visit www.replant.ca/books to see books about tree planting.

Here's a good example of a block that might be appropriate for fill planting. In some places, the planted trees appear to be 6-8 feet tall, and quite healthy. In other places, there are smaller trees of up to a few feet high, which might have been from an earlier attempt at fill planting, or they might be natural regeneration. In other places, there's open space without any trees. And finally, there are a handful of much larger looking trees which might have been left behind intentionally when the block was logged. Expect some fill plants to be fairly uniform with consistent low stocking, and other fill plants to be very patchy (like this one).

Assume that the navy lines are flagged boundary lines between pieces, and the black X's mark the planters' caches. The pink highlighter shows what might be planted a few hours after the planters start working on the block, as each one works in a pattern similar in shape to an "L" as they plant to the "back" of their piece and then across the back.

How to plant fertilizer tea-bags.

Click here to see a page listing books related to reforestation in Canada. If you received a photocopied version of this book from your planting company, or you're a trainer at a Canadian planting company, click on this link for more information.