"Step By Step" Training

Diseases & Pests

This page has been set up to share photos & video relating to the "Diseases & Pests" chapter of "Step By Step, A Tree Planter's Handbook." Visit www.replant.ca/books to see books about tree planting.

This is a billboard sign warning about mountain pine beetle. I don't have any photos of actual pine beetles, because they're so small.

This is a burl, which is a rounded knotty growth on a tree. A burl is not an actual disease, however, it can arise from any significant stress to a tree, including drought, virus, or fungal infection.

This is a giant wooden penis tree trunk which has been partially harvested, but the loggers decided to have some fun and leave the lower part of the trunk since it has several burls.

This is a western gall rust growth on a pine tree.

This is a lichen of the genus Usnea. It's commonly referred to as Old Man's Beard. Are you lichen what you're learning so far? Ok, I apologize for that one, it's late and I'm tired.

Red flagging is the result of stress on a conifer (in this case, on western/red cedar). It's not a disease, rather, it is simply a physiological process which kills off certain less productive parts of some branches of the conifer in a process of self-pruning, to ensure the long term health of the tree. This is a common occurance in the fall, especially in years after a dry summer.

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