These pictures were taken in late May of 2001, while working in Vanderhoof and starting Jeremy's Campbell's contract for the MOF in Prince George.

A photo of the lake after supper at the Nulki Lake campground.

Scott Elliott, hard at work.

Marsha getting towed out of a puddle, illustrating why it isn't always wise to bring personal vehicles into the bush.

A photo of the snow on two of our blocks on May 24th.

The sign at our office at 1077 Eastern Street, Prince George, V2N 5R8.

A photo of my truck on a cutblock, while I was taking the trailer around one day to pick up garbage.

Steven Long.

Jeremy Dyck, laughing as he plants.

Chris Goudreau, unwrapping another bundle of trees.

Maureen Cameron.

Don't even ask me why my truck was even here in the first place.

A half-buried cabin that is used by West Fraser as a storage area for tree seedlings ... it is very close to freezing in this building even in June.

Bryce, working on building a bridge for the trucks over the road that the beaver dam washed away.

This photo of Bryce on the quad, talking to Scott Elliott, gives a better idea of the scale of the blocks. This is a corner of a medium sized block of about 60,000 trees.

Corey Goebel, looking really impressed with his piece of land.

Eric, looking embarassed to finally be caught slacking off.

Evidence of the beaver's work.

The victim of the beaver's work.

Scooter, looking at maps one cold early morning.

Kelly Duduman, Tim Adekola, and Josh MacCallum, relaxing by the fire one night after work.

Bryce sitting in the road. We're not sure why.

On May 24th, Jeremy Campbell of the Ministry of Forestry in Prince George, and pilot Dean Scarrow of Vancouver Island Helicopters, took myself and another planter out to view some viewing of the contract area and to assist with some infared scanning. We left shortly after 4am, and this is one of the shots showing the mountains early in the morning as the sun was starting to come up. The next sequence of photos are all from this trip, east of Prince George.

A close overhead shot of one of the blocks with a lot of standing cedar remaining. The only problem with these cedar is that a lot of them have very rotten centres, and tend to tip over easily. These are extremely large trees, by the way. Although it's hard to tell the scale, the base of some of these standing cedar is about as big as a volkswagon jetta.

A summer cabin on top of one of the mountain ranges, all covered in snow.

A photo of a fairly significant avalanche.

A close overhead of one of the weather stations which doubles as a manned fire tower in the warmer months.

A photo of some large cut out areas. If I remember correctly, this is actually the area that was burned in the Bugbusters' fire of around 1994, which many planters have heard stories about.

Another mountain valley.

One more shot of the scenery on the ride home.