These pictures were taken in May of 2003, while planting for Canfor PG (Canadian Forest Products, Prince George Division).

Veronica, our office manager, trying to figure out which crew gets each radio.

Greg Nolli, our yard manager, apparently dancing a dance of joy now that our camp is finally heading out to the bush, which means that he finally gets some peace and quiet.

Digging a "dish pit" for the "gray water" remaining from washing the dishes.

A bunch of "piss cans" - metal backpacks that hold water with a spray nozzle, used for fighting fires (or spraying other planters when it is really hot out).

Lowell, holding up a trout that he found beside the brook by our camp. The bald eagles have been feeding regularly on fish from this little stream.

Sarah Mangos, sweeping out her kitchen trailer.

Brent Stewart, one of our crew members and top planters for about seven years now.

Allyson MacKenzie.

Dinner in the mess tent.

Tower, administering first aid to Mike, after Mike crushed his hand with a block of wood while splitting firewood.

Tower, looking like he's having far too much fun with the finger-splint gauze applicator.

Shelley, planting a tree.

Byron, working on paperwork.

Big smiles at dinnertime.

Ava and Sarah.

Jon Pike, wondering how the truck is ever going to get home (it almost didn't).

Sarah with Murray Booth, a Prince George region conservation officer.

Relaxing after supper.

This is fairly obvious: the Cheslatta River.

A bit of block scenery.

A pair of baby bear cubs, climbing down from their previous perch, about 40 feet up in a tree.