These pictures were taken in July of 2003, while planting for Millar Western of Whitecourt.

This was a particularly hard rainstorm, on the last afternoon of the contract, when everyone was doing their best to finish the trees. Even the cooks came out to help plant for the morning! We got the job done, but it took until 8pm.

Setting up camp.

Moving the reservoir used to keep the trees at the cache watered.

Heather, Ben, and Elissa.

Safety meeting.

Paul and Amanda, getting ready to give the first part of the pre-work conference in camp.

Conan, relaxing after dinner.

Sitting by the river.

Barrett, hooking up the showers.

Curtis appears confused by the plumbing.

A photo of the inside of the mess tent.

Shelley, looking for the peanut butter.

Nigel, working on the trailer axle.

One of the blocks.

Foreman Paul Fleischhauer, disco king.

Ben and Chris.

Ben and Jon.

Paul, topping up the air in the quad trailer tire before delivering trees to the block.

Paul, Peggy Pike, and Scirolli.

Lowell, with Jared in the background, waiting for their turn on the chopper.

Slinging trees into the blocks.

Slings full of boxes of trees and tarps, waiting to be flown.

Matt from Mustang, our happy Aussie pilot.

The water system.

This is where we do our dishes.

The dish pit, surrounded by safety netting. You wouldn't want to fall into the dirty dish water!


The herbicide girls, stopping into camp for a visit.

Sarah Mangos, with a secretive smile on her face.


Walking back to the cache for trees.

A young pine tree, with Jim Logan visible in the background, doing a bit of "celebrity planting."

Bagging up under the cache tarp, trying to stay remotely dry.

Amy, one of the checkers for Millar Western.

Here is Rob, fixing one of the quads that needed a new axle, late at night.

Tower, trying to make sense of his new block map.

Rob, strapping the load down at the end of the contract.

Rob, leaving camp with the load.