These pictures were taken in June of 2005, while planting for Hinton Wood Products (West Fraser, formerly Weldwood of Canada), Alberta Newsprint Company, and Millar Western.

Chad, Curtis, and Mark. Chad is wondering why these guys get such crazy haircuts.

Alice and Kimiko.



Hanging out in the cook trailer, discussing plans for the day off.

Sarah, along with Anna (one of our former planters, and Sarah's former planting partner). Anna is working for Silvaram right now, in a camp just down the road from us, so she came for a short visit after supper.

One of the fill blocks at Weldwood. At least the existing naturals are easy to see!

A brand new "mud tire," the Cooper STT. We put these on all of our trucks. There's no point even trying to work in Alberta without good tires.

Stephane, making shish-kabob's for dinner.

The air filter from my truck. This was a brand-new filter about eleven days before this photo was taken. We get the trucks serviced approximately every two to three weeks, because they operate in such a demanding environment. What was really crazy was that when I opened up the filter housing to take a look at the filter, I found two pieces of macaroni under the filter. I have no idea how they got there.



Loading up slings on a heli day.


Checking to make sure that all the gear is positioned securely.

It is important to make sure that everyone's gear ends up in the proper sling, or it might get flown out to the wrong block.

Scooter, trying to get the camera back.

The view from under the chopper, as it picks up a sling of trees.