These pictures were taken in late May and early June, while we were working for BCTS in Kamloops. Unfortunately, I was very busy on this contract, and I didn't have time to take a lot of photos.

This photo shows how sharp the snow line can be. Often, just moving up by a dozen meters or so in elevation can mean the difference between a clean block and a few inches of snow.

Unloading boxes from the reefer.

Stephane, our cook, writing out the evening's menu.

Andrew and Paddy.

A photo of the propane lines on the front of the kitchen trailer.


Thawing trees. These ones came to us frozen solid, so the forester suggested opening them up overnight, in a shaded area with no direct sunlight. That did the trick.

Our mess tent.

Andrew and Connor, facing away from the camera, and Katie.

Katherine & Lindsay. Sorry for the focus problems.

Parked on top of a mountain, overlooking another mountain.

Stephane's final meal for the season, before going to work for the Edmonton Folk Festival.

Dragonfly. I tried to focus very tightly on part of its wings. You can see that they aren't even solid material, they're just a rigid webbed design. Very cool.

Disassembling the first aid tent, as we packed up camp before planting on the last day of the contract.



A hot and steamy block, right after the rain.

Pulling the flat-deck trailer out the way, the quick way.

My muddy boots.

Matt, Adam, and Mike, loading the reefer.

Heading back to town after the blocks are done.