These pictures were taken in July while we were working for Millar Western in Whitecourt, Alberta.

Waiting for the helicopter.

This odd photo shows the underside of the engine of Wilson's quad. Note how he has somehow landed on a stump and managed to punch a hole right through into the engine. Quads don't like that.

Grabbing boxes.

Hm. Looks like we won't be driving up this road today. We had heavy rains that caused a lot of road washouts. I'll have a video up on YouTube within a couple weeks that shows this and other washouts in more detail.

If you're looking to do laundry in Whitecourt, I'd highly recommend that you stay away from this laundromat. Despite the problems I've had there, I've kept coming back to it frequently, and I always regret it. Their machines always eat a few dollars and refuse to work, and most of their machines are taped off and broken anyway. Plus some of their dryers don't dry your clothes. I recommend using the other laundromat instead.

This is the best laundromat in Whitecourt. It's beside Elli's Electronics (the old Radio Shack).

Mud on the mirrors.


The natural lighting after supper when I took this was incredible. There was a really dark storm overhead, but sun coming in and hitting camp from the setting sun on the horizon.


I'm not sure why some branch extremities on this tree were dying. It was happening to quite a few of the trees within a few hundred meters of this one, and the same thing was happening to both pine and spruce.

A cache.

A convoy of old army vehicles that was heading up to Alaska.

An old Australian vehicle in the convoy.


You can come up with your own caption for this one.

Here's one entry on the list of places not to park your excavator.

A flat tire - typical morning.


The road was too greasy for the truck to get up out of the ditch.

My truck.


Unloading at the end of the day.

Unloading a full barrel of jet fuel. At five hundred pounds per barrel, these things give me a good workout.

I don't think the wheels are supposed to be pointed that way.

The washed out bridge at km25 of the Groat Creek Road. That one will take months to get fixed. Again, I should have some video footage of this washout in a few weeks.

Jesse and Steve, two awesome late additions to our camp this summer.

The ETV crummy.

Mi-Kee's Towing, picking up another one of my trucks. Jim and I both had these guys on speed-dial this year.

Unloading a shipment of trees.

Trucks lined up in camp, 4:30am. We were having 5am breakfasts for the first half of July since it was so hot out, so we could quit an hour earlier at supper.

Brian, of New Forest Reforestation (a planting contractor in the United States). He came up to Canada on vacation to check out some Canadian operations.

Pulling one of the Big Boxes out of a ditch.


A baby kildeer. I was about to drive over it because it was sitting in the wheel rut on the road, but I saw it at the last minute and got out to take a closer look. It must have figured that the best way to stay safe was to duck and stay still. It was pretty calm at first. I moved it over to the grass in the ditch, then it heard its mother and ran off.

Guillaume, Sean, and Alex at the end of the day.


Trying to tow out the yellow quad. Not easy, since the road was so slick.



Helicopter fuel barrels, and the single-point.

A rainbow behind the bear fence post.

Keeping cool.

Making breakfast at 5am.

We parked this truck here the previous night when the weather was dry. It rained, and look at all the mud that washed off the truck. It's even on top of the tire from inside the wheel well.

The crummy, sitting on BCK 005.


The truck got stuck.

And again, the truck got stuck.

And again, the truck got stuck.

Boobies rule. This should be a 3-D photo.



How's the quad access on that block? Typical.