These pictures were taken in June of 2012, while working for a private mill in southern Alberta.

The Revelstoke mudslide area on the TransCanada Highway.


A block.

Steve and Dave.

Matt, Mike, and Augustin. These three started planting together about seven years ago.

P-4. My favorite truck was taken away, and turned into a crew truck this year.


Wilson & Nate.

The long and winding road starts here.

Canada geese with Canada goslings.

A block.

A turkey. Strange story ... I caught this. I wasn't sure what to do with it after I caught it, so I brought it back to camp to show people, thinking it would just wander off right away. It didn't. It became the camp pet for a week or so, although like most pets in planting camps, it was kind of annoying at times. At the end of the contract, we took it to the local farmers' market and some guy took it from us, promising that it would live a long and prosperous free range life, cavorting with other turkeys and geese until the end of its natural days.

Everyone (including the turkey) waiting in line for dinner.

Sean, quadding. My guess is that his bum is sore.

A block.

End of day cleanup.

Why eat inside when the weather is nice?


Mess tent, early rainy morning.

Behind this dark glass lies a depraved maniac, drowning himself in coffee.

There's a comfortable setup.

Early morning, getting ready to go to work.


Heavy equipment on the block.

Planters on a block.


Again, why eat inside when the weather is nice?


A block.

Action shot ... loading a quad trailer into the flatdeck.


Katie and Kristin.

Andrea, heading for the block.


A random photo.

A block.

Loading boxes.

Unloading boxes.

Rig mats sure help make the quadding easier. Only $6 per mat per day to rent.

Chaos in the shade tent. Sounds like it would be a good name for a song.

The turkey.

Haley, laughing at the turkey.



A block. Look at Shauna and Mike in the lower right corner for perspective.

A block.


The TransCanada, somewhere south of Cochrane, looking west towards our old camp site.