These pictures were taken in October and November, all over BC and Alberta. They're in no particular order.

Jasper Park.

The planters rarely see slash piles that still have green needles.

West of Williams Lake.

I cannot give enough praise to the forester and to the reclamation crew that worked together to ensure that an ATV trail was left into the block, to assist the planters.

Near Spences Bridge or Ashcroft, I think.


A healthy plantation near Princeton.

Decent fall weather, considering that the snow has started already.

An ETV and water tanker (for fire fighting).

Jasper Park.

Looks like the fire got a bit carried away when the piles were burning.

Whoever plants on the BCTS contract in Quesnel is not going to be happy when they get to the blocks near Nasko.

Jasper Park.

Clouds at dusk.

I see a lot of mountain pine beetle damage, in the hills along the Yellowhead highway just east of Valemont.

A Spectrum truck. There was a crew burning piles when I was looking at the block.


Trenches in Quesnel.

Recent blocks near Nordegg.

A kilometer marking.

Near Thompson-Nicola.

A pair of bald eagles.

Sometimes I get confused in the mornings.

This is a gloomy way to start a chilly Alberta morning.

An old wasp or hornet nest.

This sign is incorrect. It should say 159.555 MHz.

Jasper Park.

An American White Pelican protection zone, north of Alexis Creek.

Home is where I park my truck.

The K2 gas plant, near Fox Creek.

Early morning slash piles in silhouette.

This is a healthy-looking plantation.

The blue-green trees are spruce, and the yellow-green trees are pine.

Days like this make me miss the summer.

Near Lillooet.

Piles burning on a block that I was viewing.

Fresh Alberta logging.

Jasper Park.

Trenches near Quesnel.

Jasper Park.

Alberta trenches.

An old skidder tire that I discovered in the woods.

A bridge over the Fraser River.

Jasper Park.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Damage from a recent wildfire.

To me, this felt very much like Kenya.

Jasper Park.

Doing some early-morning ATV reconnaisance.

A salty pond, east of Lillooet.

More ATV access into blocks.

We were here.

More scenery that reminds me of East Africa.

The Colombia Icefield Glacier.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. All that smoke is from burning slash piles.

Mount Robson. I can almost see the top.

A fine looking young bull. Or perhaps a cow. Some breeds of cattle actually have cows with horns. I feel reasonably certain that this is one such example.

Spences Bridge.

A scenic bridge on the Yellowhead.

South of Alexis Creek.

Early morning, on my way to the Francois Lake ferry.

I guess I'm not driving up into that block.

West of Williams Lake.

Jasper Park.

The last spike of the Canadian Northern Pacific.

Sometimes, when I get to a block after dark, the view that I have when I wake up is a pretty pleasant surprise.

I really don't understand what this is.

North of Alexis Creek.

CN locomotive.

Whoever flagged the edges of this block did a great job.

A nice pond.

Grow Trees.

An Alberta logging truck.

Burning slash piles.

A sign near Mount Polley.

Logging signs.


Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset. Swiftly flow the days.

Sometimes, the best access is along the transmission lines.

Waiting for a ferry.

The yellow trees on this block are losing their needles. Must be larch.

This doesn't look safe at all. Nobody wants to plant on a block full of suicide sticks.

A nice view of the valley below me. It looks steep, but I've been on much worse.

It gets hard to assess the blocks properly when they start to get covered with snow.

Fresh Alberta logging.

Access on the MOFLNRO Williams Lake contract. Planters from Coast Range will be enjoying this area in 2016.

An old plantation that my crew planted in Williams Lake a few years ago.

Some early Sunday morning quadding in northern Alberta.

Seems like it's not going to be very easy to plant the blocks past this bridge.

From the fencing and grass, I feel that this might have been taken near Williams Lake.

Merritt. I have a feeling that the block underneath all this snow is probably not very pretty.


Near Valemont.

An old wildfire area. Are these trees being piled for harvest or for burning?

It can also be hard to assess a block when it hasn't been logged yet. This happens frequently.

Jasper Park.

Again, kudos to the people responsible for leaving this quad trailer, so the tree runners don't have to quad across a reclaimed road (which is extremely dangerous).

A pretty-looking swamp.


A nice-looking block.

The trees in this snowy plantation look pretty good.

Williams Lake.

Near Jasper.

How nice. Not only can I not get down the road due to the concrete barricades, but someone also left a fresh pile of animal intestines there for me.

Cardboard boxes, which will be burned when the slash piles are burned. So much smarter than filling up municipal landfills. I don't understand why only about a third of foresters do this.

Japser Park.

Outside of Mackenzie.

Again, the snow is making my life difficult. It's tough, digging around through the snow to try to assess the slash load and how much rock there is.

An Alberta logging truck.

I have no idea what this means.

A nice sunset.

West of Williams Lake.

Haying equipment near 100 Mile House.

Fall colours.

Nice scenery.

I was going to make a joke about my tire only being flat on the bottom, but this one appears to be a write-off, all the way around.

The Mackenzie Connector at dusk.

An amazing sunset near Houston.

Mountains near Blue River or Avola.

An amazing early-evening sky near Cache Creek. This was like something out of a movie. A fitting way to end my viewing contract.