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We now have a book called "Step By Step, A Tree Planter's Manual," available on Amazon. If you want to get a job as a tree planter in Canada (and learn extensive information about how to plant) this is your best investment! It has extensive information about how to successfully apply for a tree planting job, and lists the current contact information for dozens of planting companies across the country. Also, parts of the book are already used in the training curriculum at more than fifteen Canadian tree planting companies. For more information, visit

September 11th, 2018:
If you're interested in tree planting contract tender results for the 2019 season, CLICK HERE for all of the public results that we're able to find.

June 8th, 2018:
Check out this article on the National Geographic website, which has great photos of my camp. The very talented Luc Forsyth was the photographer who took the accompanying photos:

April 28th, 2018:
Some of our readers might be interested in this Radio-Canada documentary about tree-planting, filmed in Northern Ontario. Ici Radio-Canada is French, but the documentary dialogue is in English/French with French and English subtitles.

September 8th, 2017:
Anyone who is considering a job as a first-time tree planter can learn about the industry from these videos:
Pre-Season Tree Planting Training Videos

And as a follow-up, here's a link to the last twelve videos in that same series:
Tree Planting Training, Learning How To Plant

September 7th, 2017:
Learn to create your own georeferenced maps/images:

July 6th, 2017:
Check out the Pound For Pemba project, associated with Community Forests International, which helps get trees planted in Africa! It's a great initiative, and an annual project.

February 23rd, 2017:
Replant's Message Board is now accepting new registrations. If you want to have an account so you can see all the hidden forums, there is now a REGISTER link in the top right of the main page of the forums. This link lets you register automatically through email, without Scooter needing to manually set up an account for you. If you don't receive your activation email within a few minutes (common especially for Hotmail, Outlook, and Live users), check your spam/trash folder.

September 2nd, 2016:
If you're a Canadian Tree Planter, join Replant's Facebook Group. We're now getting close to having a thousand members! Please do NOT put in a request to join unless you're a Canadian Tree Planter (or are expecting to plant shortly). If you're not a planter and you want planting-related news, we have a separate Facebook Page for the non-planters, which anyone is welcome to join! The "group" will get news and rumours of interest specifically to planters, and the "page" will get photos and news articles that are more broadly related to reforestation and environmental issues. Finally, within the group, current planters should feel free to add fellow planters to the group.

March 9th, 2016:
And finally, the 2015 Summer Memories planting video from

September 1st, 2013:
If you're interested in general news about silviculture, bookmark this link: Silviculture Canada Weekly Paper. It's an automated publication that I've set up that collects information from the silviculture and forestry industries (mostly Canadian) based on Twitter feeds and other sources. It updates once per week on Tuesday afternoons.

October 16th, 2012:
Want to see some coastal tree planting footage? Check out this video. The song featured was written as a memorial for Eric "Rooster" Rousseau, who died in a tragic falling accident (chain saw work) last fall.

September 23rd, 2011:
Click here to check out a new planting and photo book by Simon Gregoire, which might be of interest to our French-speaking visitors.

June 12th, 2009:
Over the past couple of years, former tree planter Jordan Tesluk conducted a study of the effects of exposure from fertilizers and pesticides upon tree planters. The study was a joint venture between UBC and FPI Innovations (Feric Division), with sponsorship grants from WorkSafeBC, the WSCA, and Island Timberlands Partnership. You can read the results of this study here by clicking on the study summary or pamphlet, both of which are available for distribution as PDF files.

May 16th, 2009:
This can't be emphasized enough: if you're a planter, ALWAYS wear a seatbelt. Chances are extremely high that if you're going to be seriously injured in this industry, it will be in a vehicle accident. Why increase your risk of a major injury or death by neglecting to buckle in? Yet another planter died in British Columbia yesterday, needlessly. She probably would have been fine if she'd been wearing a seat belt at the time.

May 18th, 2004:
Last year, a tragic vehicle accident took the life of Julia James, a first-year tree planter in BC. Today is the anniversary of that accident. Click here to read a speech by her father, talking about ways to improve preparedness and prevent such events in the future. Thanks to the Western Silvicultural Contractors' Association's website for helping get this message out.