Most of the videos featured here are for training/reference purposes. A few are just for fun.
Click on the green link to watch, and the video will open in a new YouTube window.

Tree Planter Training Series:

Tree Planter Training Video 01 - Introduction to the Industry.
Tree Planter Training Video 02 - Why Do We Plant Trees?
Tree Planter Training Video 03 - Worker Health.
Tree Planter Training Video 04 - Working Safely, Hazards.
Tree Planter Training Video 05 - Rules & Regulations.
Tree Planter Training Video 06 - Camp Life.
Tree Planter Training Video 07 - Map Reading.
Tree Planter Training Video 08 - Nature & the Environment.
Tree Planter Training Video 09 - Basic Silviculture Knowledge.
Tree Planter Training Video 10 - Stock Handling.
Tree Planter Training Video 11 - Common BC Coniferous Trees.
Tree Planter Training Video 12 - Planning Reforestation Activities.
Tree Planter Training Video 13 - Planting Gear.
Tree Planter Training Video 14 - Planting a Seedling.
Tree Planter Training Video 15 - Meeting Quality Requirements.
Tree Planter Training Video 16 - Spacing, Density, & Excess.
Tree Planter Training Video 17 - Site Preparation.
Tree Planter Training Video 18 - Maximizing Productivity.
Tree Planter Training Video 19 - Behaviours & Attitudes.
Tree Planter Training Video 20 - Wrap-Up.
Step By Step: A Tree Planter's Handbook - This is the link to the training book that these videos are associated with.

Videos for Experienced Planters:

Creating GeoReferenced Images - Use open-source QGIS software to create georeferenced maps/images.
Planting Fertilizer Packs - Again, this is mostly a coastal or southern Interior requirement.

Experience It. Watch a Box of Trees Being Planted:

Alberta Burns - Fast ground in Alberta, no commentary, higher quality video than the others.
Slow Box - Planting on a woodlot in British Columbia, understory, narrative commentary added.
Fast Box - Planting on a fast oil lease in Alberta, not much commentary.
Bareroot Cottonwoods - Paddy planting a bunch of bareroots on an experimental farm project.

Equipment and Maintenance:

The "D" Trowell - Check out this new idea for a minature shovel, starting with a history of planting tools.
Fuels - Gasoline vs Diesel - The differences in the fuels, and a breakdown of which types of engines require which fuels.
Lasquetti Daughters - Have you ever wondered what accommodations were like on a barge?
Creek Crossing - How to build a simple stream crossing.
Break & Enter - How to break into a locked truck.
Anti-Theft Club - How to use an anti-theft device to protect your vehicle.
Changing Tires - How to change a flat tire on your vehicle.
VHF Radios - How to use a VHF radio, and more importantly, how to use the squelch knob properly.
Rain Gear - The importance of good rain gear for planters.
Day Bag - What to look for in a day-bag to take to the block.

Animals & Nature:

Fast Weather Changes - The weather can change really quickly in the mountains.
Marmots - These are little animals, kind of cute.
Turkeys - Be wary of wild turkeys. They're crazy.
Great Grey Owl - This was a magnificent bird. We don't see owls very often.
Black Bears - This is an external video, since I haven't put a black bears video together yet.
Grizzly Bears - This is an external video, since I haven't put a grizzly bears video together yet.
Moose - They look dumb, but they can be more dangerous than a bear.
Elk/Caribou - Elk are the biggest members of the deer family, even bigger than Caribou.
Mule Deer - We encounter mule deer and white-tails. This one is a mule deer.
Whitetail Deer - This is an external video, since I haven't put a whitetail deer video together yet.
Wolves - PBD Documentary on wolves. I'll never be able to top this one.
Bighorn Sheep - This is an external video, since I haven't put a bighorn sheep video together yet.
Coyotes - This is an external video, since I haven't put a coyotes video together yet.
Bald Eagles - This is an external video, since I haven't put a bald eagle video together yet.
Coastal Weather - This is the sort of weather you can expect to plant in on a regular basis.


How to Heli-Pack Garbage Boxes - There's a way to do it properly and efficiently.
Tree Planting By Air - Aerial (drone) footage filmed by Luc Forsyth.
Excavator Mounder - Watch an excavator making mounds.
Slash-Pile Burning - Have you ever wondered how the slash piles get eliminated?
The Nursery "Lift" - This video shows the process of lifting and packaging seedlings into boxes.
Ride On Rooster - Some of Scooter's coastal planting footage from 2012.
King of Spades - A documentary by Pat Wiggin and Peter Houston.
Washouts in Alberta - This video should help you realize that water can actually be pretty dangerous.
Tree Planting Supervisor - A day in the life of a tree planting supervisor.
Aerial Footage - Commuting to work in a helicopter.
Disc Trencher - Disc trenching skidder in action.
Muddy Scooter - People who haven't worked in the mud fields of Alberta just won't get it.
Camp Reefer Unloading - A time-lapse showing the unloading of a camp reefer.
Tree Runner Misery - Ten minutes in the life of a tree runner, faced with a challenging block.
KKRF Coastal - Some coastal planting footage from King Kong Reforestation.


Do It With Joy - Tree planting with the Brinkmans in the 1970's.
So You Want To Go Tree Planting - A great analysis of tree planting culture.

Replant Annual "Summer Planting Memories" Videos:

2015 Memories - Backing Audio: "Gravediggerz" by Lars Zergun (based on a bed track by Tom Fire).
2014 Memories - Backing Audio: "Time To Plant Some Trees" by Scooter (with Jasmin Frederickson singing).
2013 Memories - Backing Audio: "The Tree Planting Song" by John Fairman.
2012 Memories - Backing Audio: "New Shoes" by Dave Bitner.
2011 Memories - Backing Audio: "Planter For Life After Four Years" by Bad Uncle (Santosh Lalonde).
2010 Memories - Backing Audio: "Pounder Mix" by King Kong Reforestation.
2009 Memories - Backing Audio: "El Plantador" by Baba Brinkman.
2008 Memories - Backing Audio: "At Least One Song" by Mike Allison.
2007 Memories - Backing Audio: "When I Grow Old" by Scooter (with Mike Allison singing).
2006 Memories - Backing Audio: "Some Place I've Never Been" by Mike Allison.
2005 Memories - Backing Audio: "Leavin' In The Morning" by Mike Allison.
2004 Memories - Backing Audio: "Holly Would" by Mike Allison.
2003 Memories - Backing Audio: "Take A Solo" by Mike Allison.
2002 Memories - Backing Audio: "Save My Soul" by Mike Allison.
2001 Memories - Backing Audio: "Welcome To Tree Planting 2012" by King Kong Reforestation.

(All of the Mike Allison tracks are available as free downloads from - feel free to share them).