Job Opportunities at Folklore Reforestation

This update: May 4th, 2020

Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, all tree planting companies in Canada are starting their planting seasons several weeks later than normal this year. Many of the companies that ARE planting in 2020 have reduced the size of their labour force in order to deal more effectively with the challenges of operating during a global pandemic (rental truck shortages, food supply chain headaches, clients cancelling projects, restrictions on interactions with local communities, inability to source key equipment, etc.).

If you're currently unemployed (and I know that a lot of recently unemployed young food/restaurant/hospitality workers are currently looking quickly for work), I'd highly recommend that you consider reaching out to a local farm in your own province. There may be a very large number of work opportunities in that industry this summer, and it's a great industry to learn. Farmers across the country are dealing with labour shortages due to the numerous challenges associated with using the temporary foreign workers (the people whom our food supply depends upon). Read this article:

If you're just learning about tree planting, it is a much more complex job than most people realize. Please go to this link to get a digital copy of a book called "Step By Step," which has essentially become an industry standard training manual. A group of five major BC-based reforestation companies have sponsored the distribution of this book, so it is a free download. This information will be useful to you if you're looking for work in 2021.

Current Status

We have completed our hiring for the 2020 planting season. Most companies do all of their hiring in January-March, for their seasonal work that takes place in May through July. If you're interested in planting in 2021, make a note on your calendar to check back here after January 1st!!